KeymanWeb CPA-DM

The Christian Palestinian Aramaic (CPA) KeymanWeb uses the CPA-DM Script, font and keyboards, created by Alain J. Desreumaux (CNRS, Paris, FR) and Tim Meylan (Type Designer and Professor of Typography, HEVS, Sierre, CH). Font Engineering and mastering : Alphabet Type (Berlin, DE). In collaboration with Jérémy Formaz (, Sion, CH), under the lead of Claire Clivaz (SIB, Lausanne, CH). Description: Unicode Technical Note #52,

Author of the KeymanWeb CPA-DM: Silvano Aldà (IT, SIB & DH+), based on the CPA-DM Script font and keyboards.

All the material is available in open source on

© CPA-DM script, font and Mac/PC keyboard: OFL License

© KeymanWeb CPA-DM: MIT License